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游戏MG的教职员工是明尼苏达州的雇员. 游戏MG的专业就业岗位通常分为两类:未分类的(例如, faculty, deans, director of programs, 副总裁)和分类服务职位(例如财政援助专业人员, office and administrative specialists, maintenance workers).

游戏MG的非机密职位公告也发布在 Minnesota State University and College System site. Visit the Minnesota Management and Budget Office's Careers web site 有关分类服务的分类张贴和更多信息的完整清单.

游戏MG的目标是包容所有申请人. 您是否需要在申请过程中要求住宿, please contact human resources at or 651-793-1275.

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